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Rockstar’s Bully and the brilliance of casual interactions

Bully is a game most remembered for the controversy it generated before its release. From initial hysterics claiming that Rockstar was developing a "Columbine simulator" to cries that the game was promoting bullying behaviors (it wasn't) or trivializing them (which was maybe a more legitimate criticism), Bully may have received more attention in the media before its release than after. Once people had a chance to experience the game and evaluate it for what it was, they found a competent translation of the Grand Theft Auto formula in a different aesthetic that was maybe a little rough around the edges. In truth, there wasn't a whole lot about the game that was controversial once people had a chance to play it.

The ‘Barcade': Why games like Angry Birds have paved the way for the arcade resurgence

Our culture is obsessed with things returning from the dead. Why not the video arcade? About a month ago, Ars Technica published an article that sounded almost too good to be true, “The Surprising Stealth Rebirth of the American Arcade.” I was somewhat skeptical; I have fond memories of time spent in arcades as a youth, but I was never privy to the true heyday of the video arcade in the ’80s.

The multiplayer scheduling problem

Last Saturday, I got an email from my good friend, Player 1. It was a short and to the point: P1 wanted me (hereafter referred to as "Player 2") and our mutual buddies, Players 3 and 4, to set aside time in our schedules to finally finish the co-op campaign we'd all wanted to knock off our lists for some time. The game was Double Fine's Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched), an absolutely delightful tower-defense/third-person shooter.

Broadening your gaming horizons

I've been out of college for 5 years now, and contrary to my mother's constant predictions throughout my youth, I've yet to "grow out of" gaming. Fortunately for me or not, video gaming has grown up with me and each year brings new and fascinating explorations of player agency and interactive storytelling.

Well Played: ActRaiser

I have been working for the last several months on patching the holes in my gaming education. I've played any number of classics that I'd never gotten around to beating, from Metroid to Half-Life to Ocarina of Time. With many of these titles, however, I have had a basic cultural knowledge– I understood their place in the gaming canon, and the reasons they were important, well before I sat down to play them.