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Who is Aaron?

My name is Aaron Beaty and I’m currently a Senior student at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. I’m studying Interactive Media with a concentration in Video Game design. How exciting, right?!

Video Game Design you say?

Throughout my college career I have worked on many games, some independent and others in teams. Through working independently I have found that creating and implementing a design for video games is quite difficult but it’s a passion of mine and I’ve always enjoyed it. Through working in teams I’ve realized the ways that game design is split through different members and the collaborative process that goes into designing an adequate game.

That’s cool I guess, but what else do you do?

I’ve built a platform on writing poetry, short stories, and video game reviews. I absolutely love to write and I absolutely love to play video games. It seemed only fitting that I design them. My love for video games and writing is what keeps me going at the end of the day and some day I really strive to be a head writer on a Triple-A title

stories by Aaron Beaty

The addictive nature of games (mainly Candy Crush)

Fads in the mobile and online gaming industry have continuously increased with the use of Facebook and many other social media outlets.  Constantly, developers are attempting to find the easiest, most complex, addicting games that will bring in either a quick dollar or millions of dollars.  For example, the ever popular “Candy Crush Saga” created by King Games brings in an average $633,000 per day.  That per day analysis says something really interesting about the game.  Sure, a lot of what comes in is probably ad revenues, but something else that strikes me about games like these is the fact that there are ways to purchase currency and points through the game.  With just a dollar, you can buy enough “points” or other currency in the game to continue playing even after your lives have run out.