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‘’ really needs to stop publishing articles about video games

For anyone lucky enough not to have stumbled onto, it is a online liberal publication that specializes in giving any Berkeley educated radical or sorry excuse of a failure the opportunity to cry about social and political issues that no one cares about (regardless of your political stance). So to no surprise they have published several ill-written articles that have been very critical of the video game industry and culture. However unlike their typical crybaby banter; none of the writers could be considered experts because most of them admit to not having actually played or know anything about the video games they are discussing. As a gamer I cannot silently sit aside while gives a voice to fake gamers who are slandering our community.

5 Games with stories that are total rip-offs

Like with most works of pop-culture; a video game will have a story that borrows elements from one work as a tribute to its influence or acknowledge that its a modern retelling of a classic story. Than you have games that pretty much rip-off another work and try to pass it off as their own original content. Here are 5 games with stories that ripped off other great works.

The Best of Gaming Horror: “Extermination”

Next on The Best of Gaming Horror list is another PlayStation 2 classic that have players fighting against a deadly mutation at research facility in a frozen wasteland of Antarctica (and no I’m not talking about The Thing). Extermination was a unique horror game for its time that sadly was quick to fall into obscurity among the PlayStation community.

Will ‘Black Ops 2′ Jump The Shark ?

Last week Activision unveiled the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and it became a big surprise for many gamers. Rather than to continue with the Cold War theme of its predecessor, Black Ops 2 will be set on the battlefield of the future.  For obvious reasons; this new change has been generating a lot of buzz among fans

The Pros & Con of Pre-ordering

We have all been at the store or stared at a computer screen with a blank look and pondered on the decision to pre-order a game. At times you may have end by asking your self, “is it worth pre-ordering?” It helps to look at the pros and cons of pre-ordering before making a judgment.

Criterion Collection should take an interest in video games

The Criterion Collection is a production company that is well known for the restoration and distribution of films that have been significant to the cinematic arts. With its partnership with Janus Films; they have been responsible for the distribution of many great classics of world cinema. They have presented American cinephilias with the works of Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman, John Woo, and Jean-Pierre Melville while help restore the classic works of Alfred Hitchcock, Stanly Kubrick, and Samuel Fuller.

The Best of Gaming Horror Part VI.– “Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth”

H.P. Lovecraft is one of the most iconic horror writers of the 20th Century who blended the elements of fear with science fiction and gave rise to the genre known as “Lovecraftian horror.” His imagination gave readers some of the most iconic creatures while influencing generations of horror icons like Stephen King, John Carpenter, Clive Barker and Guillermo del Toro.