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Role-playing games needed to evolve the “grinding” mechanic

I fear I am getting too old to be getting into arguments in video game stores. When I was 8 years old, a clerk and I engaged in a comical debate about who was better: Link or Gordon Freeman. I hadn't played Half-Life yet, and really, I was probably too young to even enjoy the masterpiece that it is. I also assumed that Gordon was related to Cathy Freeman, a famous Australian athlete and, consequently, could not see the appeal. The whole encounter was actually quite endearing. 

Indies show the additional pressure of game development

This year has been pretty amazing in terms of cinematic experiences for geeks and gamers. The Avengers was an epic melee of classic one-liners and superhero action, The Dark Knight Rises was a sound round-out to one of my favorite trilogies to date, and Wreck-It-Ralph plucked at my retro-loving heartstrings in clever, meaningful ways that resonated beautifully with its vibrant animation.

PAX, PAX city b**ch!

Well, a lifetime of waiting and all I can do is recite wise words from a gentlemanly scholar named Tyga. I know I am not breaking any news by discussing the Penny Arcade Expo "expanding internationally" but I feel in the excitement of Melbourne, Australia being named as PAX's first big romp outside of America, the true significance for gaming in Australia has been overlooked here. Let me first clear up that my intention isn't to whine about how the gaming situation in Australia (and New Zealand) is particularly unfair compared to our trans-atlantic brothers. But to be brutally honest, there's gonna be a little bit of whining. And I think it is worth whining about again and again because if PAX heading to Melbourne tells us anything, it is that the video game market and community in Australia is and has been rapidly growing for decades and is finally being realised for what it is: strong.