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Skyrim: When Good Guys Go Bad! Pt.3

   In our journey thus far, we've been chased, attacked, and called all manner of beastly creature by almost every race in Skyrim. If there's one thing all of the distrusting violent folk of Skyrim can agree on, is their loathing for one 'Valerius the Imperial of Cyrodil'. This didn't always seem to be the case the farther I moved away from Markarth as my crimes seemed to be much less evident, or at least less bothersome to the average explorer/citizen I met along my path into the wilds. Dragons, of course, know no bounds in their hatred for the Dragonborn, but I was used to that, so in that regard nothing really changed in relation to our large scaly claw-dragging "friends".

Skyrim: When Good Guys Go Bad! Pt.2

   In my last post I touched upon the role of choices in Skyrim and how much fun it can be to make what might appear to be a mistake, (is there really such a thing as a 'mistake' in Skyrim? I dunno!?) and instead to be freed by the option of letting oneself go wild and maybe take actions and make decisions in Skyrim that one wouldn't normally make or do in game! This is a concept that has stuck with me from the first time I picked up the "Duke" controller and graced the shores of Morrowind.

Skyrim: When Good Guys Go Bad! Pt.1

   As Valerius (my character in Skyrim) stood there staring at the entrance to what could possibly be the final step of my current quest in Markarth, I pondered for a while just exactly what I should do. Should I head in directly, and possibly finish off this quest, or should I save it until later, just in case I get caught up in something unexpected. After all, this entire quest was just something that fell in my lap, a tiny thread that I couldn't quit pulling at from the time I walked through the front gates.