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Borderlands 2.0: Gearbox made the perfect sequel

Borderlands 2 feels and plays a lot like the original Borderlands — only better. So it seems appropriate to call it Borderlands 2.0 due to the fact that the title is only an improvement upon the first. And there is nothing wrong with that. A sequel doesn't have to be innovative compared the original, it only needs to improve upon what made the original so special. 

3 books that should become video games

The video game industry has tapped several mediums for inspiration including film, TV, and comic books. But we haven't seen much in the way of classical literature. Sure, we've seen Dante's Inferno and Warriors: Legends of Troy, but neither of these truly grasped the essence of the source material. Here is a short list of books that I believe could become compelling video games.

What does RPG stand for these days?

Your best friend has betrayed you, your home country wants you dead, and you are on the run. Depression hangs over you and your friends like a rain cloud, but something deep within you keeps you going. That something is the shinning power of hope. The hope to make a better world. Eventually in your journey you become the David who defeats Goliath. All without speaking a word. This is only the beginning to the RPG Suikoden 2.

Meet the Mob: Mark Purcell

A few months ago I was down on my luck. I was going through what my generation likes to call, "A quarter-life crisis." So I decided to chase after a dream of mine. To become a video game critic. In my complete ignorance of how to get started I stumbled upon Bitmob, and decided to try my luck. My first article was, "My bromance with Garrus Vakarian explained". At the time of writing the article I didn't realize that I already embarked on my adventure in becoming a video game critic. Two days after submitting the article to the mobfeed it appeared on the front page.

Publishers and the Homefront of video game marketing

In 2010, THQ gave the gaming world one of the largest marketing campaigns it has ever seen. The effort focused on the first-person shooter, Homefront. THQ knew that it needed to make a big splash with this game, and if it succeeded, it would have its very own Call of Duty-style franchise. The publisher's attack plan was simple. You have to spend money to make money.

Video game preorders are useless

Recently, an explosion of Max Payne 3 ads has hit all over. This is fine. It actually makes me more excited for the game when I am at work, and I look out the window to see Max Payne's face on the side of a bus. What does bother me are all of the Gamestop ads and commercials saying that I can get an exclusive map if I preorder the game. 

Bitmob United wants you!

Our crew has been created. If you are still interested in playing Max Payne 3 together, go to and create an account. Then all you have to do is look for the "Bitmob United" crew and ask to join, or you can post your rockstar nickname in the comments below and I will add you. Here is a quick look at our crew page: And if anyone here is an artist and would like to create our emblem just let me know (I'm terrible at those things). Hopefully I will be seeing you all on the battlefield on May 15.