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·Xbox One isn’t that surprising and isn’t that bad Add a Comment     8 May 23, 2013
·A letter to Nintendo: Take the stage at E3 Add a Comment     5 May 18, 2013
·Wii U has a fatal flaw that isn’t about next-gen graphics Add a Comment     30 February 11, 2013
·Mail delivery reductions give GameFly subscribers one fewer day Add a Comment     18 February 8, 2013
·Ouya’s annual refresh plan isn’t a good course of action Add a Comment     1 February 7, 2013
·Skylanders: Swap Force looks like a good game, not just a clever sales pitch Add a Comment     3 February 7, 2013
·Next-gen consoles need to focus on enabling great games to stay relevant Add a Comment     2 February 6, 2013
·Wii U sales might be a preview of what other console makers can expect Add a Comment     0 January 30, 2013
·Should Wii U owners demand more GamePad-friendly ports? Add a Comment     2 January 29, 2013
·Vigil’s abandonment shows game publishers won’t take risks Add a Comment     2 January 25, 2013
·The next generation of gaming will be difficult to ‘own’ Add a Comment     4 January 25, 2013
·Games need to address women in military combat Add a Comment     3 January 24, 2013
·Android gaming may have an identity crisis ahead of it Add a Comment     5 January 24, 2013
·Piston, Razer Edge could bring the rise of easy PC gaming this year Add a Comment     4 January 23, 2013
·Violent game tax more opportunistic than realistic Add a Comment     2 January 23, 2013
·Wii U is a different, not better, console experience (Review) Add a Comment     1 January 21, 2013