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Nvidia Project Shield: The Good, The Sexy, & Salacious

C.E.S. 2013 began with a resounding thud heard not just around the gaming world, but technology, mobile, and console. Nvidia put the world on notice that it is going to put their technology, and gaming on a footing that will be noticed. Project Shield is an Android-based mobile games console that’s also capable of streaming PC games. The device is capable of playing both single, and multiplayer games, 4K Ultra-HD movies, and browse the web. The device described by CEO┬áJen-Hsun Huang can play games from the TegraZone and Google PLAY, or stream and play high-quality PC games delivered from Steam. Instantly offering up a true mobile console platform. Without being open source. Which in the youth of Android is a very good thing, because it’s structured. Is it time for Android gaming to compete with everyone?