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Rory is an aspiring journalist and student of journalism at Fresno State University. He is a reporter for and a columnist for the Fresno Bee newspaper. He is a lover of all games, but he particularly enjoys the action, sports and MMO genres.


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Sony UK Exec Tabs Watch Dogs as the Next-Gen Flagship; Sony Pictures Signs on for Film Adaptation

In an interview with Trusted Reviews, Fergal Gara, Sony UK’s Managing Director, told the site that Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs was Sony’s ideal choice for a marquee launch title. The PS4 had no difficulty selling virtually all of its retail units in the US, and reports indicate that the system is already becoming scarce a day into its UK release. Regardless, Gara would liked to have seen Watch Dogs available on day one. He does, however, understand the decision to delay, saying:

Capcom is Considering the Future of Resident Evil — And So Should We

Resident Evil has been a roller coaster franchise throughout its 17 year history. The first Resident Evil gathered equal parts praise and sales figures after its release in 1996. Capcom marketed the game as a “survival horror” game, and that term has come to represent an entire genre. But that was an awful long time ago. Since Capcom is almost certainly developing a new installment, let’s take stock of recent events.

Review of Ethan: Meteor Hunter — consult your cardiologist before playing.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a new puzzle game and the first title from French indie game developer Seaven Studio. It hit the Playstation Store on October 22nd, and is also available for download from the game’s website here. Either can be yours for just $9.99. I was given a copy of the game to review, and decided to keep track of my first few hours in this spoiler-free (mostly…) virtual diary:

Fallout 4: Where is it? And when should I plan to shut my social life down for it?

Go ahead and type “Fallout 4″ in to a search engine. What will you find? Conjecture, rumor, anger, sadness, joy, legal issues, birth, death… all the ingredients for a great drama. I was trying to sift through all of this material to deliver a story based squarely on facts. Then I realized there are very little facts. So what do I do? I promised a feature, and I basically have no facts.  That hasn’t stopped millions of journalists before me, so I will tell you what I am going to do: I am going to use this feature as a platform to beg Bethesda for a new Fallout.