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Bowser is simply misunderstood

I think villains get a bad rap. They are often blamed for the destruction of anything from a small town to the entire universe. They are constantly being attacked by would-be heroes who are out to make a name for themselves by taking down some perceived threat. But villains are not always bad; they are just misunderstood.

Why should gamers care about National Novel Writing Month?

There's still about 2 weeks left of National Novel Writing Month (or “NaNoWriMo”). What does that mean for you? You’re a gamer. You probably ignore those things that the nerds talk about (they’re called “books”). Why would you want to passively take in a story when you could be there in the middle of the action? Why read when you can play? Basically, why should you take part in what’s left of this month-long celebration of literature?