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Payday 2 demonstrates importance of digital distribution

OK so, having the day off I was looking forward to picking up my copy of Payday 2, a release that was supposed to be available today. This did not happen due to an undisclosed SNAFU. The game officially had a release date of the 14th and did become available on steam but so far the earliest physical media date is going to be the 16th according to the two Gamestop stores near me. The newest news is that it will be available for digital download on XBOX LIVE marketplace on the 23rd. It is however AVAILABLE TODAY ON PSN. I however do not own a Playstation. This is not to say that one service is better than others, I’m just trying to point out that day one digital releases need to be the norm. There is no shortage of disappointed people on the social media sites with the same complaint. I will still be purchasing the game but now I am going to wait until the 23rd to buy it digitally in hopes that this will bolster support for this kind of distribution. I know there are many people that may not support the idea of digital release for a myriad of reasons but there are many that like me would at least like the option. In this case at least PSN gets it right.