AT&T raising early termination fee to $325 for smartphones and netbooks

AT&T is about to make it more difficult for new iPhone users to break their contracts. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the carrier will be raising its early termination fee (ETF) for smartphones and 3G netbooks from $175 to $325 as of June 1. An AT&T spokesperson confirmed the news with VentureBeat, and the company has since issued a press release.

FLO TV to work on iPhones, no $250 viewer required

FLO TV is a mobile video-on-demand service that serves 13 TV networks in real-time. “No downloading, sideloading, or buffering,” the company describes it. But until now, you’ve had to buy a $250 FLO TV portable personal television to watch it on, plus a $14.95-per-month subscription to the shows.

Want all 25,000 iPhone apps? That will be $71,442.69.

While RIM, Microsoft and Palm ready their mobile app stores for release this year, the one that inspired them all — Apple’s App Store — continues to chug along at an impressive pace. The store now features more than 25,000 applications, according to numbers from 148Apps. And after hitting 20,000 just a few weeks ago, the addition rate seems to still be accelerating, as Apple 2.0 points out.