Analyst: Apple iPads outselling Macs, nearing iPhone 3GS sales

If you’re still unsure that the iPad will be as successful as Apple’s other trendy gadgets, it may be time to rethink your assumptions. Apple is now selling more than 200,000 iPads every week, which means its outselling Apple’s Mac computers and nearing sales of the iPhone 3GS, according to analyst Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets (via Digital Daily).

Skype's new 3G iPhone app to have CD quality sound

Last week, we reported on Apple dropping restrictions on VoIP iPhone applications working over 3G. The change would allow VoIP apps, which previously only worked over Wi-Fi, to make calls using 3G. Popular VoIP apps like iCall and Fring announced 3G support immediately after Apple relaxed the restrictions, but Skype was conspicuously absent from the party.

Apple drops VoIP-over-3G restrictions on the iPhone

While the Apple iPad is dominating tech news left and right, there was another bit of news from the company yesterday that should be noted: Apple has removed restrictions that previously prevented VoIP iPhone applications from working over 3G. This unleashes a world of opportunity for VoIP applications, which have only worked over Wi-Fi thus far.

BlackBerry Curve outsold iPhone 3G S in Q2

The latest smartphone market report from analysts IDC claims that despite all the buzz, attention and money thrown at iPhones and anything to do with iPhones, the new iPhone 3G S came in second to BlackBerry’s Curve as the phone most bought in America in the second quartery of 2009.

AT&T improves iPhone pricing: Maybe I'll buy the 3G S after all

AT&T is trying to soothe cranky iPhone owners today with an announcement that the new iPhone 3G S may not be as expensive as you think — specifically, iPhone 3G owners who are eligible for cheaper, “upgrade” pricing in the next few months (through September) will be able to pay the lowest upgrade price starting this Friday, when the 3G S goes on sale.

The iPhone 3GS: Better for games

 Apple, being the predictable company it is, announced today at its World Wide Developers Conference that, along with other things, they would be replacing the iPhone with the iPhone 3GS. As you can see in the picture, the iPhone 3GS looks pretty much identical to its predecessor. They took out the 2MP camera and plopped in a 3MP, not a big improvement. The camera now Auto Focuses now, and can take video which you can edit right on your iPhone. Most of the new features, however, are quite lame, such as a Digital Compass and Voice Control. In terms of gaming, the iPhone 3GS definitely steps it up, with much faster performance and a longer battery life. There is also improved Blutooth support, so all those rumors about a joystiq add-on for your iPhone may still be possible.In general, the new iPhone seems to be a bit of a letdown, with nothing drastically changed and very few new features too care about, it seems as though Apple underdelivered this time with the 3GS. Oh well, they always have the 4G to step it up.

2009 brings an easy option to unlock the iPhone 3G — but results vary

True to their word, the group known as Dev-Team unveiled their software unlock for the iPhone 3G, known as yellowsn0w, on New Year’s Day. This software unlock will allow you to use your iPhone with a SIM card from another carrier other than AT&T (the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US). CrunchGear did a great step-by-step walk through with pictures, and it looks very easy to do, but there are some issues, which the Dev-Team has been updating on its blog.

Wal-Mart confirms iPhone 3G for Sunday, $2 off

No real surprise here, but Wal-Mart has finally confirmed that it will, in fact, be selling Apple’s iPhone starting this Sunday. The retail chain plans to have the 8 gigabyte model available for $197 and the 16 gigabyte model for $297 — yes, a full $2 off what the device normally costs through Apple and AT&T.

iPhone 3G yellowsn0w software unlock video

For those of you who really want to buy an iPhone 3G but refuse to use AT&T’s service, the wait is over — almost. As the video below shows, a group known as Dev-Team has created a software unlock for the device that will allow it to run on other carrier’s networks. Now you just have to wait 10 more days to try it yourself — the team plans to release the code on New Year’s Eve.