Coming Soon! 7/4/2011

The streets sure look empty today. What? What about July 4th? Oh don’t be silly. Of course I know what July 4th is all about. I mean who could forget right? I mean, wow! What a date. It certainly has a nice ring to it. And what about those guys when they did… that, am I right? Wow. Yeah and the way they did it. Man, I had tears in my eyes, and also when they did that… other thing. Yeah. What a day that was. Am I right? I mean, it certainly explains why nobody decided to release any games this week except for some insect shooting game.

Touchscreen CrunchPad due in November, but price has crept up to $400

The touchscreen tablet PC that TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington decided to build himself will be available in November, according to an article in Singapore newspaper The Straits Times. Arrington launched the project a year ago, on his sense that the public demand for a $200 tablet PC was so strong, yet so overlooked by the tech industry, that there was a huge business opportunity for a product that could be launched with relatively low capital. To build the device, Arrington teamed up with Singapore startup Fusion Garage, whose homepage features the slogan, “What if the browser could boot without the OS? How different would the world be?”

Joost's desktop client is toast

Since early on in its testing phase, I found Joost to be a compelling take on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Let me rephrase: I found the idea of Joost to be compelling. It offered free video content on the web in a way that was somewhat similar to a television experience but added the interactivity that the web offers. The service’s problem was in its execution — namely that it required a seperate desktop client to use. That will soon no longer be the case.

Metal Gear Solid – original vs. remake

In 1998, a new genre was born with the arrival of Metal Gear Solid, the game that effortlessly defined virtual stealth action and brought it into the mainstream. A huge commercial success, the game has a loyal fan base that is well-earned due to its incredibly cinematic story, well implemented action and also quirky break-the-fourth-wall humor. In 2004, the success of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty prompted a remake of the first game. This version implemented the control scheme from MGS2 , as well as improved graphics, new voice acting and a very distinct cinematic style.