Final Reminder: Win one of three $100 gift cards

The countdown is on: This is your final reminder that our contest in conjunction with game-trading site Goozex ends tonight (Monday) at midnight! Three winners will each win a $100 gift card, which works very nicely on many gaming items.

Reminder: Three Chances to Win a $100 Gift Card

This is your friendly one-week warning: You have until next Monday (September 27) at midnight to enter our contest in conjunction with game-trading site Goozex. Three winners will each win one $100 gift card, which happens to work very nicely when it comes to that online store's many great gaming items.

The new Kindle's big innovation: A higher price

As expected, Amazon announced a new version of its Kindle eBook reader today, with a larger screen for reading newspapers and textbooks. It’s also not surprising that the larger device carries a bigger price tag, but that didn’t stop my eyes from widening a bit when I saw the Kindle DX will cost $489.

Amazon defies retail downturn

Looks like the recession grinch didn’t steal everyone’s Christmas: Online retailer just reported strong earnings for the fourth quarter of 2008. Granted, the growth wasn’t extraordinary, but with online holiday shopping falling 3 percent overall, any uptick looks good.