Tim Cook’s performance at Apple event: Where was the “one more thing…”

No one expected Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, to walk on water and make us all forget about his predecessor Steve Jobs during Apple’s first major press event since the change in command this summer. Cook is now the head of what has become a kind of religious cult in technology — one with an increasingly large and mainstream following. The question is whether he has really stepped up as the new pope. The answer: it isn’t clear. This event was missing some of the Steve Jobs sizzle, for sure.

A tale of two conferences: Black Hat and Defcon photo gallery

Black Hat and Defcon have become the must-attend conferences for both computer security professionals and fringe hackers alike. I’ve been attending for a number of years and have always been struck by the stark contrast between the people attending, ranging from federal computer security experts on the one hand and mohawk-adorned rebellious teens on the other. (Pictured is Black Hat/Defcon founder Jeff Moss, also known as Dark Tangent). For all of our stories on Black Hat and Defcon, click here.

Ten tech predictions for 2009

Everyone’s predicting doom and gloom for the tech industry next year, and hey, who are we to argue? New Year’s Eve may be coming up, but when VentureBeat’s writers were feeling far from festive when we pooled our thoughts about the year ahead. The verdict: Dark clouds for startups, venture capitalists and the tech industry as a whole. Still, 2009 won’t be bad for everyone, so we tried to bring out some silver lining, too.

Interview with Robbie Bach, part 3, on Windows Mobile

Robbie Bach has to put on a happy face when he talks about all of his children. Of all of the businesses in his Entertainment & Devices group at Microsoft, Windows Mobile is one of the toughest businesses to run. It has more than 20 million units in the marketplace, but it’s up against competitors such as Apple, Nokia, and pretty soon Google. This is the third and final edited transcript of a recent gathering between Bach and a small group of reporters in San Francisco.