Bitmob United wants you!

Our crew has been created. If you are still interested in playing Max Payne 3 together, go to and create an account. Then all you have to do is look for the "Bitmob United" crew and ask to join, or you can post your rockstar nickname in the comments below and I will add you. Here is a quick look at our crew page: And if anyone here is an artist and would like to create our emblem just let me know (I'm terrible at those things). Hopefully I will be seeing you all on the battlefield on May 15.

Bitmob Wants You: The “Shame Is Plastic” writing collection

Valentine's Day isn't for another couple of weeks, but we here at Bitmob couldn't resist an early attempt at matchmaking with our latest Bitmob Wants You writing challenge. A little while ago, we asked community members to dig up some of their old neglected gaming peripherals and get reacquainted with them to see if the spark was still there. It was kind of like The Parent Trap, but with way more fake mech controls and 100 percent fewer Hayley Millses.

Bitmob Wants You: The Dead Island collection

The results are in from our Bitmob Wants You mega-callout, and…well, it turns out that a lot of you enjoy killing zombies, because you all chose to write about developer Techland's new action-RPG Dead Island. Fortunately, you also had some excellent insights into the game. We already front-paged Tristan Damen's look at the game's fight with the Australian government. Here are the rest of your submissions.