Google AdSense and making money on Bitmob

When we asked you for suggestions for our new Writing Tips column, many of you responded that you wanted to know about this Google AdSense “sponsored ad” business we implemented with Bitmob 2.0 (look to the bottom of this very article if you don’t know what I’m talking about). You specifically wanted some guidance on how to set it up and start making money from your posts.

Has Google tweaked its AdSense rev share?

Jason Calacanis has noticed a sudden uptick in the click-through revenues for the Google ads he runs on his Weblogs Inc. blog network, and he wonders if this isn’t the first real evidence of the coming battle with Yahoo over contextual ads. Calacanis is not alone. A couple of other publishers have told us they’ve seen the same thing with their Google ad revenues. Has Google boosted the split of the ad revenue it gives publishers that carry its ads – a tweak intended to undermine the success of Yahoo’s new, AdSense competitor?

New patent: Google knows what’s in that video you uploaded (and probably where you shot it)

YouTube could make more money. Video search could get much, much better. And that laborious process of tagging every video you upload to YouTube with all the keywords you can possibly think of might finally be over … all because of technology based on a recently awarded Google patent that enables automated object recognition.

Google+ could make Twitter the next Myspace

There are numerous comparisons between Google’s new Google+ social offering and Facebook, but most of them miss the mark. Google knows the social train has left the station and there is a very slim chance of catching up with Facebook’s 750 million active users. However, Twitter’s position as a broadcast platform for 21 million active publishers is a much more achievable goal for Google to reach.

Ten challenges facing Google's new CEO Larry Page

Larry Page takes over Monday as chief executive of Google, one of the most successful tech companies of all time. As co-founder, Page has been instrumental in the company’s success from the very start. But the company must overcome a number of challenges in the years ahead, if it is to be all it can be.