Digg joins DataPortability: Opening up to other sites, looking to sell

Today, social news site Digg announced it was joining the DataPortability Project, the latest in a string of big companies to join, including Facebook (our coverage), Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others. The project is a workgroup, where engineers from these companies discuss ways to let a user on any of their respective sites export their own data, and share it with the other sites.

Startups, here’s how to cut through the crap when you’re looking for a CRM tool

There are too many CRMs. Heck, there are too many CRM add-ons. Sales is our livelihood, and part of the job has become navigating the labyrinth of choices (and customizations) to make something that actually makes your job easier. Marc Andreessen says that software is eating the world, but for salespeople, software is eating us alive.

Review: Beat Sneak Bandit ushers in a new genre of Tactical Rhythmic Action

Rhythm games are somewhat of a rare creature in the video game industry; even with the successes of Harmonix's Rock Band and Activision's Guitar Hero franchises in the last few of years, the genre has failed to spread much beyond the pseudo-band experience. And while there have been a few excellent titles for the Nintendo DS (Elite Beat Agents comes to mind) and the PlayStation Portable, I’ve been more impressed by the small but growing number of quality rhythm games for iOS devices — and Simogo’s Beat Sneak Bandit is the best entry there by far.