Eric Schmidt on Google's "mobile first" attitude, weaknesses

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt talked on-stage about the company’s future this evening at Google’s Atmosphere conference for chief information officers. In addition to fielding some general questions about Google’s plans, its strengths, and its weaknesses, Schmidt also talked about the idea that Google now approaches its products with a “mobile first” attitude, as he put it at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Google Earth adds a detailed Moon map

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon, Google today released a new version of its Google Earth exploratory software that includes a map of the Moon with enough goodies to tie you up for hours. Google’s clickable data not only includes photos and videos, but also short stories about the Apollo missions’ activities on the Moon and some of the more intriguing facets of the Moon’s surface.

Max Payne 3: A journey into frustration and enjoyment

So, I just finished Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360, Rockstar's latest entry into a series that I hadn't played previously. I ran through the game on 'old school' aim settings and it took a lot of getting used to. The aiming system could use some work and was somewhat frustrating…but when I got a head shot off it was all the more exhilirating because of it. There is a great 'Last Stand' feature that kicks in when Max is just about to die…if you manage to kill the character that fatally shot you, you are granted a second wind. Max is also addicted to pain pills that the player finds hidden in medicine cabinets throughout the game.