Google Translate: You speak the words, your iPhone translates

One of my great regrets in life is failing to become fluent in another language. My only consolation was that I figured, someday, someone in Silicon Valley would create a universal translator, like Douglas Adams’ Babel fish in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which could translate any language into any other language.

Top five Metal Gear games that haven’t been made

There are many potential Metal Gear games that have been ‘imagineered’ by fans which will probably never be made into proper, full fledged titles. They range from further outings in the AC!D franchise to remakes of the first two 8-bit MSX titles. There are various reasons why Kojima Productions cannot or will not create such titles. Sometimes the ideas just aren’t that good. Sometimes series creator Hideo Kojima refuses to undertake a project. Sometimes Kojima Productions are simply too understaffed to take on many multiple projects at once. Here are five of the best ideas lifted from the internet and fans of the Metal Gear series. [Originally posted at Metal Gear Scholar]