Google Buzz finally adds sharing buttons to websites

Google’s controversial service Buzz was supposed to represent “a Google approach to sharing,” but until today that was limited to sharing content within Google’s own services. If you a found cool article on VentureBeat, for example, you’d have to copy the link into Buzz — there was no button to press that would instantly share the story. But Google announced this morning that it has created an easy way for publishers to add Buzz buttons to their sites.

Google admits Buzz mistakes, tries again at SXSW

A product manager from Google told attendees at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas that Google had misstepped by launching its social network, Google Buzz, too broadly and too promiscuously. In the future, said Google’s Todd Jackson, the company will pre-test new features rather than roll them out to all customers at once.

Google socializes Gmail with Google Buzz

Google announced a new product today called Google Buzz, bringing credence to previous rumors that social networking features would be added to Gmail. Buzz is a service for sharing and talking about content. In the same way that the company calls Gmail “a Google approach to email,” it’s calling Buzz “a Google approach to sharing.”

AT&T gets local with Buzz, competes with Yelp and Google Place

These days, everyone is trying to go local. Yelp has cornered the market on local business reviews, Google is attempting to integrate similar functionality in Google Maps with “Place Pages,” and it’s also at the heart of promising services like location-based game Foursquare. Now AT&T wants in with a new service of its own called