New startup Joincube joins social software fray — targets small businesses

Social software — software that gives companies and individuals ways to interact and share information — has quickly been winning the interest of companies looking to track progress and share knowledge better among their employees. A number of software offerings already cater to large enterprise customers. But Joincube, a new startup from Argentina, is now targeting smaller companies.

A remedy to clueless tech lawyers

When I was a youngish “tech lawyer” in D.C., I discovered that every D.C. lawyer advocating for tech entrepreneurs thought they were full-blown tech lawyers. We were not. We were policy advocates. I learned this the hard way.

Why the Wii U may not gain back the hardcore gaming community.

Since the 1980’s, Nintendo has been one of the biggest, most widely known names in the video games industry, and a dominating force in sales, not only with home consoles but also with handhelds, as well as their various video game franchises: Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, Zelda…you name it. The company’s longest run of success was perhaps from the release of the original Nintendo Entertainment system in 1985, up until about the time the Nintendo Game Cube was released in 2001.