Google's Q2 earnings beat expectations by a nose

Google reported $5.52 billion in revenue for the second quarter, ended June 30 — a 3 percent increase over last year’s $5.37 billion. This might not sound inspiring, but the company argues that the increase is a testament to its endurance in tough economic times. Still, the lackluster number dipped share prices by 2 percent, even though they technically topped Wall Street predictions.

Compared to Google's earnings homerun, Yahoo gets a single — but a hit is a hit

Company earnings reports involve a lot of numbers. Unless you’re a student of Wall Street, or are following a company closely, it can be hard to decipher exactly what these numbers mean. Usually a good way to know how well a company did is to look at a stock price once the numbers are out. Last week we saw Google soar through the roof, going up over 20 percent upon beating estimates. Today, Yahoo’s stock is going up and down in after-hours trading — these swings are canceling each other out. This reflects Yahoo’s financial performance: decent, but nothing special.