Google’s fiber network is attempt to force telcos to change

As we reported earlier, Google announced plans today to rollout a limited offering of 1-gigabit fiber network. The company claims it will will adopt an open access approach making its network open to other service providers as well. What’s most interesting about this announcement isn’t the possibilities of high-speed, instead, it’s the thought of how this test rollout could effect the telco industry.

Google announces plans for a gigabit fiber network, will serve over 50,000 homes

It had to happen eventually. This morning, Google announced its plans to build a 1 gigabit per second fiber network in several trial locations across the U.S. The company will service at least 50,000 users (and up to 500,000) at a “competitive price.” More so than its free Wi-Fi in Mountain View, the fiber plans will finally make Google a full-fledged ISP.

5 O'Clock Roundup: Up rounds, more fiber, Google Flu

Some positive news in the land of VC — A survey by law firm Fenwick & West found that 41% percent of new financing in the third quarter was for up rounds, which means the company’s valuation was raised from the previous round. OK, that still leaves 59% of non-up rounds, but it’s a change from the we’re-all-doomed early days of 2009. As one lawyer puts it,“There’s the feeling that the world just didn’t fall off a cliff.”

On Vint Cerf, Google, dark fiber and video

When we reached Vint Cerf in his MCI office several weeks ago to ask about a rumor that he was going to Google, he quickly rebuffed us, saying, “There are lots of rumors about me. Don’t believe everything you hear.” We realized when we hung up the phone that it was an artful dodge. And, lo and behold, MCI is scheduled to announce this morning that Cerf is indeed joining Google. (The Google release is here.)