Verizon slows down expansion of its FiOS fiber network

Verizon is looking to end the expensive roll out its FiOS service — which delivers high-speed internet, television, and phone service to millions of subscribers across the East Coast. The company will finish up its FiOS expansion in certain major markets, but those that haven’t received it yet are most likely out of luck, according to the AP.

Google to offer stripped-down Nexus One phone in India?

Google may be preparing to launch a stripped-down, low-cost version of its Nexus One smartphone in India, and possibly other developing markets, according to speculation on multiple Indian technology sites. The rumors appear to have originated in a tweet from a TV show producer. But irrespective of how it got started, it sure highlights the importance that Google is placing on the developing markets.

5 reasons why Google is looking to purchase YouTube

Rumors have surfaced that Google is in talks to purchase YouTube for an estimated $1.6 billion. Google’s own video site, Google Video, ranks a distant third in the ‘online video’ segment (MySpace Video is #2), with YouTube dominating the top position. YouTube streams 100 million videos per day — everyone would love that kind of traffic and eyeballs; the advertising revenues that could someday explode from that are incredible. But everyone is wondering how Google can even consider buying this copyright-infringement machine (a la Napster in the late 90’s) and expose their cash reserves to lawsuits.

On Vint Cerf, Google, dark fiber and video

When we reached Vint Cerf in his MCI office several weeks ago to ask about a rumor that he was going to Google, he quickly rebuffed us, saying, “There are lots of rumors about me. Don’t believe everything you hear.” We realized when we hung up the phone that it was an artful dodge. And, lo and behold, MCI is scheduled to announce this morning that Cerf is indeed joining Google. (The Google release is here.)