Google Plus struggles to add women after mostly-male launch

Since the launch of Google Plus almost two months ago, Google’s social media network has grown faster than any other network, reaching over 20 million users in just a month. Google’s invite-only launch positioned Google Plus as a male-centric network, and early Google Plus adopters were quick to criticize the initial gender ratios.

Is Capitalism Devolving Games?

In an age where the games industry is one of the biggest cash cows, it seems only fitting that consumers should question the quality of products sold. What happens when companies do just enough to appease the general gamer?

Google defies economy, ekes out decent Q1

Google has announced its first quarter financial earnings, and so far the results look decent — given the economic climate. The search giant reported net revenue of $5.5 billion, or $5.16 per share. In terms of historic earnings, Google’s Q1 performance was actually down 3 percent compared to Q4 2008, and up 6 percent in comparison to Q1 2008.

Roundup: DEMO gods announced: Plastic Logic wins, lots of hardware launched, Google antitrust probe again

The DEMO gods — the best presenters at the DEMOfall 08 conference in San Diego — were announced this evening. The overall winner was Plastic Logic, the maker of a plastic display ebook reader. (Our story on them). Other DEMO gods were Microstaq, SpinSpotter, Wild Pockets from Sim Ops Studio, Maverick Mobile Solutions, Awind, Invision, iKnow! from Cerego, YouGotPhoto from UGA Digital, MixMatchMusic, and FusionIO.