OpenStack® Juno Release Available Today

The tenth release of OpenStack, the most widely supported open source software for building public and private clouds, is available today. The latest release of the open source cloud software, called Juno, adds enterprise features such…

The company that loves competition, innovation, and net neutrality comes in dead last in customer satisfaction. Guess who?

If there was ever an industry that needed the Uber treatment — total disruption — it’s the cable industry. But cable companies like Comcast have so entrenched themselves through sweetheart deals forged behind closed doors in both Washington and Hollywood that it will be very hard to root them out.

Top 5 Wearable Industry Challenges

The wearables market represents a significant new market opportunity for device OEMs. However, like any emerging computing platform, wearables have yet to figure out where they sit in a consumer’s lifestyle. Though consumer awareness and adoption have increased recently, OEMs, developers, and device manufacturers will have to consider and overcome several market barriers. We have summarized some of the top wearable industry challenges below.