CES tips for startups: The smartest thing you can do is wear your company t-shirt

Chances are if you’re working in tech then you’ve spent time deliberating over which of the multitude of conferences, events and shows you should attend in 2012. Time out of the office is a luxury most startups can’t afford, so how can you justify CES, NAMM, Macworld, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, plus the hundred or so others you’re considering?

Arami Design Launches Three New Technology Startup Brands

San Carlos, CA — Arami Design has announced the unveiling of three fresh brands aimed at the technology market. Leverage Software, K-Will Corporation and PeakStream had engaged Arami to build and strengthen their brand presence and to strategize and implement the new image throughout all customer-facing channels. “We feel very fortunate to work with these dynamic companies,” said Arman Arami, managing general partner of Arami Design. “All three are difference makers in their respective niches, and we were pleased to be the firm to introduce their new image to the world.”