The DeanBeat: DICE Summit entices the game industry’s insiders to Vegas

The DICE Summit (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) is well under way this week, bringing some of the game industry’s best minds together in Las Vegas for a few days of networking, thinking, talking, back-slapping, and partying. Staged by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, it is a chance for the best of the business to shine, from an opening keynote by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game developer Todd Howard on why we create and play to the game industry’s equivalent of the Oscars, complete with a red carpet show.

Fallout: New Vegas is gaming’s Lawrence of Arabia

The headline of this piece might be a bit misleading. I don’t mean to say that Fallout: New Vegas is as important to video games as Lawrence of Arabia is to film. That would be a blasphemous and indefensible claim. Lawrence of Arabia is a landmark that influences movies to this day while New Vegas' lasting impact remains to be seen. The true comparison arises from the similar plots, settings, and themes of the game and film.

Fallout: New Vegas – One Man’s Defence

Well, where to start? Hi, my name is Adam and i am a fan of Fallout: New Vegas. Yes, yes, i know! i understand your outrage and loathing. I have heard all the hatred for this game, but i am here to defend it to the last drop of….. your blood!! I thoroughly enjoyed this game, it has so many possibilities. I really enjoyed having Boone as a companion, even if he was very prone to being knocked out after 2 hits. I have done every single ending, almost all the missions (working on those right now) I really liked the Amazon Kid mission. So, so many ways to assassinate the president!! The vastness of the map was impressive, the skill of the enemies, the variety of the characters, the perks. Now i'm not saying it's the best game in the world, it had it's bad points. Such as the glitches, the characters dialogue repeating itself, the fact you can't continue once you whoop seven shades of shit out of Legate Lanius, but it was extremely fun for what it was. A Fallout game!!

Neon Wasteland: Returning to New Vegas

Thanks to the lovely people at Bitmob, I was afforded the latest expansion to Fallout: New Vegas on the condition that I write about my experience with the downloadable prize. While I can never pass up a free game (or an expansion as it were), I was somewhat hesitant to re-engage with Obsidian's buggy follow-up to what is one of the better role-playing games available on this generation of console hardware in Fallout 3.

Whats The Dealeo: Fallout New Vegas

Obsidian I have one question. Why are all your games broken?

Experiments with morality in New Vegas end in failure

Jet has been down on his luck lately. He's had a few run-ins with the local thugs, dealt with a band of escaped convicts, and just narrowly avoided becoming zombie food. Oh, and a mysterious man recently shot him in the head and buried him in the dirt. Life on the Mojave Wasteland is harsh for everyone, but this is ridiculous. For some reason, he can't handle conflicts in the wasteland the way he'd like. That's because he's a product of my imagination meant to make my time in Fallout: New Vegas more tolerable.

Why not take a chance in New Vegas?

I apologize in advance if this sounds more like a review, but some features need mentioning.

Video Blips: Portal 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and more

Here's a valuable lesson to remember while walking through the dilapidated halls of Portal 2's co-op mode: Your buddy is a handy and reusable shield to cower behind.