Hobbyists turn 3D printers into gun-making machines

For gadget lovers, 3D printing can design life-saving medical equipment, spare parts, even planes. But, as with all new technology, some folk push the limits. This summer, a hobbyist used an at-home thermoplastic machine to fashion a .22-caliber rifle.

Dylan’s Desk: Saddle your horses and fire up the 3D printer

Is there anything more American than a robot that can create anything you want out of little more than a spool of wire and some electricity? It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that the MakerBot offers levels of Jeffersonian self-reliance that our founding fathers only dreamed of.

Print your own silver jewelry with Shapeways

Shapeways allows users to design and print objects using a 3D printer. The company just added silver to its range of materials. Objects could previously be printed in glass, steel, plastic and a high-performance composite that hardens like a cement to produce full-color objects. To print an object, users either use 3D modeling software and upload a model to the site or customize a pre-designed object. The model is then printed and shipped.