T-Mobile has “no Plan B” after AT&T deal falls apart

T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom apparently put all of its eggs in AT&T’s basket. Now that AT&T’s $39 billion T-Mobile purchase has been squashed, thanks to pushback from the US government, DT is scrambling once again to find additional funds for its US carrier.

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4 ways 4G will impact the way you communicate

4G. You’ve all heard, read or been told about it by enthusiastic tech-friends assuring you how great it’s going to be when you’ll have access to hardline-like broadband speeds in your pocket. But what does 4G actually mean to you as a user?

AT&T launching LTE 4G in just five cities this summer (Verizon: LOL)

AT&T has a lot of catching up to do with its LTE 4G network, especially since Verizon has a major head start after launching its LTE network last December. But the first official details about AT&T’s LTE launch don’t inspire much hope.

Globecomm opens door to 4G for hosted wireless carriers

Globecomm, a provider of communications technology and services, announced today that it’s upgrading its wireless hosted platform to allow operators to easily migrate to 4G LTE service.

How AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition will improve its network

In a call with investors this morning, AT&T executives gathered together to discuss what exactly yesterday’s announced T-Mobile acquisition means for the company. It’s also the first time we’ve heard specific details on short and long-term network improvements as a result of the deal.

Nokia and Microsoft: Can two weaklings make a muscleman?

Nokia and Microsoft are now allies. This is not a total surprise as Nokia has partnered with Microsoft in the past, albeit in a much more limited fashion (e.g., connection to Office and SharePoint).

Verizon to combat (iPhone) data hogs by throttling mobile data

Verizon is preparing for an expected onslaught of mobile data usage from new iPhone customers by throttling data for the top 5 percent of users — the so-called “data hogs.” It’s also compressing data files transmitted over its wireless network, according to a Verizon memo (PDF) revealed by the mobile site Boy Genius Report.

Barnes & Noble to discontinue Nook 3G?

Barnes and Noble will discontinue the Nook 3G, according to “hard evidence from within B&N” collected by Engadget. Stores have been told to refrain from filling bulk orders, the site reports.

Hands on with the Verizon iPhone’s 3G hotspot (video)

One cool difference between the Verizon iPhone and its AT&T counterpart is the addition of mobile hotspot capabilities — which allows you to share your 3G connection with up to five other devices.

Verizon iPhone watch: AT&T trash-talks Verizon’s network

AT&T has profited nicely to date from being the only carrier to offer the iPhone. So it’s bound to be nervous now that Verizon is getting ready to announce an iPhone on its own network. And yesterday the claws came out.