How six Lolapps developers saved their last big game, Ravenshire Castle

Ravenshire Castle is launching today on Facebook. It is the final chapter in the Raven World series created by a team of developers at Lolapps, which was once on the top charts of Facebook gaming. The fact that Ravenshire Castle made it this far is a minor miracle, and the history of this series tells a lot about the evolution of Facebook games.

GamesBeat weekly news roundup

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Nexon invests in social gaming firm 6waves Lolapps (exclusive)

South Korean online gaming powerhouse Nexon has invested in social gaming firm 6waves Lolapps, VentureBeat has learned. The investment, which is expected to be announced shortly, comes on the heels of the merger of two major social gaming firms, 6waves and Lolapps, which announced their own merger two weeks ago.