Box CEO Aaron Levie

Meet the 2013 enterprise superstars

Companies selling to consumers can become household names, but those with products for business don’t always get that level of recognition. We’ve picked out the stars of the enterprise space this year.

Box CEO Aaron Levie dismisses Google Drive

Using humor to cover up his true feelings, Box CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie said that he had nearly forgotten about Google Drive, the search giant’s soon-to-launch cloud storage product that will threaten the very livelihood of Levie’s seven-year-old business.


Why iCloud integration on Apple’s Mountain Lion OS fails

Apple is making a big deal about how its newly-announced Mountain Lion operating system comes with built-in iCloud syncing and storage. But if you cut through the deafening hype, iCloud is still a woefully limited solution that most consumers and businesses should not take seriously yet.