Come meet with Accel Partners – get feedback from one of the best VC firms in the world

Just a reminder that Accel Partners will be hosting a day of meetings at their offices in Palo Alto next week, and it’s not too late to grab a spot there.  If you’d like to swing by and show off your new tech company or product, let us know here, and we’ll get in touch shortly with more details.  We’re going to keep that application page open until the end of the day on Wednesday, at which point we’ll select the top ten companies, and give them a chance to present in front of a few Accel partners and myself (I’m with VentureBeat and DEMO) next Tuesday, July 24.

Accel Partners hosts next leg of DEMO tour on July 24

VentureBeat has already been everywhere from New York to Korea, but next on our DEMO world tour, we’ll be meeting companies in our own backyard with Accel Partners in Palo Alto, Calif. If you’re working on the next big tech company in the Bay Area, let us know, and we’ll bring you out to Accel’s office to show off your idea on Tuesday, July 24.

Your research is wrong. Here, have a graph of the right data, says Qualtrics

I have a secret. In college, sometimes students pay each other to do their homework. I know! The research takes a lot of time, and in the end often you still don’t have all the information you need. Researching tool Qualtrics helps students and enterprises alike find not just some data, but all the data relevant to their project.


Digital ad company OpenX acquires LiftDNA

Ad company OpenX, which helps publishers and enterprise companies sell valuable ad space, said today it has acquired LiftDNA, which helps find untapped ad sources and track how much money publishers make off of ad campaigns.