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Microsoft teams up with Russian government-backed fund to support industrial startups

Last week FRII, the $200 million government-backed startup fund launched last year, and Microsoft announced that they were beginning an industrial accelerator to support startups developing IT solutions for education, healthcare, commerce, industry, the service sector, the financial sector and municipal services.


Bayer HealthCare starts its own accelerator – and it’s better than you expected

Bayer HealthCare appears to be the first pharmaceutical company to have started its own accelerator. The company that made €18.924 million in turnover in 2013 “understands that innovation and healthcare cannot only be driven by the industry but also needs creativity,” said Christian Ullrich, Head of Marketing & Sales IT at Bayer HealthCare yesterday.

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2013 was the year of the corporate accelerator

Being involved in entrepreneurism is good for a company’s image, since they seem innovative and modern when they surround themselves with young, dynamic startups.


How to write a winning Y Combinator application

Scrappy entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge in the application process. However, there are no shortcuts or hacks. The YC partners are too smart for that.


Samsung launches Silicon Valley incubator

Located on the storied University Avenue in Palo Alto, the incubator will be part of Samsung’s Open Innovation Center, which will also include a New York incubator come September.

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Vive la demo day: VentureBeat est à Montréal

“I do think that we have stepped it up significantly,” FounderFuel general manager Ian Jeffery told me yesterday. “In this cohort are some of the most mature companies we’ve ever had. All nine are fantastic, but some have real revenues already, over a million downloads, and upwards of 30,000 active users.”