Google buys malware-scanning website VirusTotal

Companies like Google have to be especially cautious when it comes to security. They build out whole departments dedicated to protecting its internals, so it’s no wonder the search giant bought its own little security company today, VirusTotal.

gannett blinq

Old media buys new media in Gannett/Blinq deal

You know what they say: If ya can’t beat ’em, buy ’em! Or at least that’s what the folks at Gannett are saying today. The traditional media titan has just snapped up Blinq, a social media marketing shop.


99designs acquires its Euro-clone, 12designer

99designs, the crowdsourced design marketplace “real” designers love to hate, has acquired 12designer, the Berlin-based crowdsourced design marketplace that had become 99designs’ number-one rival in the European market.

Funding Daily: It’s like the San Diego firework fiasco of investment

All the news that lay dormant surrounding the July 4th holiday exploded all at once today in the funding world. Sometime amidst the barbecuing and pool parties, major deals were struck involving massive amounts of money. The biggest story, juicier than that rare burger dripping with cheese you gobbled last week, was GitHub at long last taking a round of VC money — and what a round it was. Check out the other interesting bits below.


Microsoft said to be buying Yammer

Microsoft is deep into the process of buying business social network provider Yammer, according to internal sources and conversations “overheard at the Creamery,” a cafe near Yammer’s office.


Cvent buys Seed Labs to help manage $6B of events in 2012

Cvent, probably the world’s largest cloud-based online registration and event management company, has bought mobile event apps maker Seed Labs for an undisclosed sum in its first-ever corporate acquisition. It’s the latest act in a stunning turn-around for the Virginia-based company, which was left for dead years ago after a high-flying dot-com start.