Scvngr finds 1 million users willing to complete location challenges

Scvngr, the maker of a check-in app that asks users to complete activity challenges, is defying the conventional wisdom that services which broadcast one’s location to friends aren’t ready for the mainstream. Just yesterday, the app has reached 1 million users, founder and chief executive Seth Priebatsch tells VentureBeat, and added nearly 10,000 new users since then.

Update: Scvngr to come preloaded on newest Virgin Mobile smartphone

Update: After several comments from our readers and follow up with Loopt, it appears that the location-based check in application is preloaded on several smartphones, including the LG Optimus M and Huawei Ascend on MetroPCS (both Android) and also its BlackBerry Curve 8530.

Skyara attracts do-gooder activity guides

San Francisco startup Skyara launched last month with a cool concept — it’s a marketplace where people can buy and sell new experiences. Now co-founder Jonathan Wu said the team has discovered a surprising side effect: Most of the money earned in the marketplace is going to charity.

LivingSocial acquires Urban Escapes to take lead in daily deal war

Online daily deal site LivingSocial announced today that it has acquired social adventure company Urban Escapes in a bid to give members more bang for their buck as they search for activities that fit their lifestyles without breaking the bank.