Ad fraud

Why fraud-free digital ad campaigns are the next big thing

A few weeks ago, there was a piece in AdAge that spoke to the strategic advantages of selling online digital advertising fraud-free. It’s easy to be cynical about such an idea — it will never happen, people in the industry don’t want it to happen, it already should have happened — but that’s really missing the point.

finger puppets

Coming clean: The truth about fraud in digital advertising

The Internet’s #1 revenue engine is also its weakest link. Solving the problem of ad fraud will fall to the smart minds who are actively working on solutions to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Google's new Spider

Google buys ad fraud fighter

Google has built its empire on clickable ads, but its hidden vulnerability is that those clicks may not come from humans. It’s latest acquisition will help lessen that vulnerability.

Why we need to pivot in the fight against ad fraud

In recent weeks there has been substantial debate about fraud in the advertising industry. Of course, these conversations aren’t new. Click fraud lawsuits have been a near constant for almost a decade.