The DeanBeat: How developers can avoid a bloodbath in fighting for new users

In the past month, what app makers have to spend to get the attention of Apple device users has risen out of control. That’s a tough fact of life that could make survival hard in the Darwinian mobile app ecosystem. Solving this problem is going to require a lot of innovation and clear thinking. And if it isn’t solved, we’re going to see a number of mobile app companies start to die. If Apple and others in the ecosystem don’t handle it right, it could be a bloodbath for developers.

Moolah Media adds phone reports to its mobile ads

When mobile ad network Moolah Media came out of stealth mode in December, it placed a big emphasis on its pay-per-performance model, where advertisers pay for actions rather than impressions. The San Francisco startup is taking that model even further today with real-time call reporting.