Congress demands answers from Apple on address book privacy

The questionable practices of little-known iPhone application Path led to the unearthing of evidence that many other iPhone apps also take consumers’ address book data. The ensuing public outcry prompted U.S. government officials today to question the one company that might actually be to blame: Apple.

Plaxo gives up on social networking, refocuses on address books

Comcast-owned Plaxo used to have a straightforward goal: It helped users maintain their address books. Over time, however, the site has wandered into becoming more of a general social networking tool with its Plaxo Pulse service. Now, chief executive Justin Miller told me Plaxo is going back to its address book roots.

WhitePages aims to clean up your address book with Hiya

Seattle company WhitePages has built up a massive database of contact information for people and businesses — it supposedly has more than 200 million listings. Now WhitePges wants to use its technology to clean up your address book with an iPhone and Web application called Hiya.