It takes precision

Why mobile advertising needs specialists

Desktop advertising has a neat, simple solution. Mobile advertising does not, but many very smart people in mobile advertising are trying to crack that problem. Bypassing their solutions simply because they’re mobile only isn’t a smart fix.

Why mobile advertising must not stand alone

It’s the corporate version of the founder’s dilemma: Rarely can a startup define an emerging market and also go on to lead in its space. Case in point: mobile advertising.

Celltick ad

Innovative mobile ads grab attention in Barcelona

Mobile advertising and marketing companies have turned out in droves this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Their large presence is telling of just how much mobile content is ad-supported. eMarketer predicts that ad-supported content will account for almost a third of mobile revenues by 2015 to over $1 billion. It’s a hot topic in the telecoms world right now, buoyed by Facebook’s intention to feature mobile ads in the very near future.