How to win a tech conference startup competition

TechCrunch has “Disrupt Winner,” while VentureBeat’s MobileBeat has the Tesla Award (no, you don’t win a car), and Web 2.0 has the “Startup Showcase” and “Launch Pad.” For many entrepreneurs, even being accepted to participate in one of these competitions is a dream come true. These optimists often arrive with hopes of winning the top prize, garnering media attention, and catching the eye of an investor who will swoop in and write them a 10 million dollar check.

Google says game developers can rely on ads for income

As mobile app developers figure out the best ways to make money, Google wants to convince them that mobile ads can be a lucrative option — especially on its AdMob mobile ad network. As one piece of evidence, Google sent me a case study that outlines the success of a company called Best, Cool & Fun Games.

Google's Omar Hamoui praises Apple's iAds

Now that mobile ad network AdMob has been acquired by Google, the company’s founder and chief executive, Omar Hamoui, is getting pulled into what looks like a mobile advertising battle between Apple and Google. Yet Hamoui, who has been named Google’s vice president of mobile ads, said at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2010 conference today in San Francisco that he’s actually happy about the existence of Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising program.