PetroAlgae chances weak green IPO market with $200M filing

PetroAlgae, a company claiming that it has found a cheap way to convert algae into fuel — a goal that formidable competitors like Sapphire Energy and Solazyme are also chasing — just filed for a $200 million IPO despite a weak public market for green companies. Early signs suggest that this move could do more harm than good to the burgeoning algae industry.

Bill Gates backs EcoMotors' new OPOC engine with $23.5M

Throughout the history of the internal combustion engine there have been a multitude of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs shouting claims about revolutionary new engine designs promising greater efficiency, more power, fewer emissions and lower production and running costs.

Buzz on private share sites bodes well for Tesla IPO

Less than a week before Tesla Motors — the darling of the emerging electric car industry — is scheduled to go public (June 29), reporters and analysts are still divided on whether the sale will soar or not. But activity on secondary market sites, where private shares of the company have been traded for months, suggests that Tesla’s sexy products and perennial buzz may be enough to carry off a lucrative IPO.

Khosla company EcoMotors snags $18M to develop "breakthrough" car engine

Even as many electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles near their launch dates — foreshadowing the demise of the internal combustion engine — a small Michigan company called EcoMotors is betting that fossil fuel engines are here to stay for a while, and that they could be much more fuel efficient (the same logic that is often used with clean coal initiatives). It just landed $18 million to make its case.

GM teams with Google to make the Chevy Volt an Android car

General Motors, fresh off announcing its first profitable quarter in almost three years and with potential government funding, is keeping the good news rolling. The company is revealing today that it will integrate Google’s Android operating system into existing OnStar technology in its highly-anticipated plug-in Chevrolet Volt, due out this fall.

Can the Chevy Volt bring GM back from the dead?

General Motors posted its first quarterly profit in almost three years today — a victorious declaration of its financial rehabilitation. It only took a major bailout, the slashing of several vehicle brands, and massive layoffs to turn things around, but the outlook is good — and made even shinier by a forthcoming line of exciting new products, capped off by the plug-in Chevy Volt.