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What’s wrong with mobile ads?

There’s an ongoing conversation about the quality and success of mobile advertising that has struck nerve with a lot of people.

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Why streaming music is the next big money-maker

If Darwin was right and adaptive evolution is real, mobile devices of the future will be subcutaneous parts of our palm. Can Beats earlobes be far behind?


Apps want to be free, and we love ads (report)

In 2011, 80 percent of apps were free. Today, 90 percent of apps are free, with monetization provided via good old we-gather-an-audience-and-sell-its-attention strategy that has worked since the dawn of modern media.

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5 reasons why native advertising has a bright future

Simply put, if you want to really engage consumers, you’ve got to run a content-driven campaign and you’ve got to get that content to a large audience precisely when and where they want them the most.