Profectus Bio wins $200K grant for HIV therapies

Baltimore, Md.-based Profectus BioSciences, a biotech developing new strategies to attack HIV, received a $200,000 small-business innovation grant from the National Institutes of Health to improve the effectiveness of anti-HIV antibodies. Last month, the company received a similar $300,000 grant (PDF link), just a few days after the company raised $3 million in a private placement.

Profectus Bio pulls in $3M for antiviral drugs

Profectus BioSciences, a Baltimore, Md., developer of antiviral drugs and vaccines targeting HIV, raised $3 million in a private placement. Private investors, including Cross Atlantic Capital Partners and board member Stewart Greenebaum, contributed.

Reader feedback: Cheap drugs for poor nations, the art of the drug deal

I’m at work on a longer post that hasn’t yet come together, so I thought I’d pull an old dodge favored by daily newspaper columnists and respond to some reader comments instead. Fortunately for me, both comments left here in the past day or so have been thought-provoking — maybe there’s hope for the Internet after all.