Battle for your texts: Facebook Messages vs. Kik mobile chat

Facebook can’t remind us enough that its new messaging service, announced today, isn’t an email killer. Instead, it’s an all-encompassing messaging system that works across Facebook chat, email, and text messages.

AOL snaps up Brizzly creator Thing Labs, web video company 5min

Acquiring TechCrunch was certainly AOL’s biggest announcement today, but the company didn’t stop there: This afternoon, news spread that AOL has also purchased Thing Labs — creator of the Brizzly social media reader — for an undisclosed amount, PaidContent reports.

AOL and Google renew search deal as Bing creeps up

Every time AOL is expected to fade into obscurity, something crazy happens to make it relevant again. Today it’s the five-year extension of AOL’s contract with Google to provide search functions and a portion of ad revenue.

Instant messaging: feature or product?

Web-based instant messaging services, such as Meebo and eBuddy have had high growth rates over many months. They’ve raked in a lot of funding from hungry VCs. But we see IM becoming a commodity.