Ozon ru Alexey Ivanov Flickr

Ozon receives giant funding from AFK Sistema and MTS

The investment in Ozon — often called, with some exaggeration, the Russian Amazon — represents the most significant investment volume in the history of Russian e-commerce.

Crowdfunding: risky but rewarding

Even though Amazon has stopped supporting crowdfunding sites with its payments platform, crowdfunding has a lot of potential and a rich future.

New publisher of computer books embraces e-books and authors, not DRM

For technical books, publishing has a nearly fatal lack of speed. E-books are increasingly popular, but they’re usually not produced until after the print edition is already complete. That makes about as much sense as posting Instagram photos of yesterday’s paper, and the results are often just about as usable.


Amazon reports Q3 earnings, misses Wall Street estimates big-time

Amazon today released its 3rd Quarter earnings, turning in a per-share performance of just 14 cents, missing Wall Street expectations of 25 cents per share by a wide margin. The ecommerce giant saw revenue decrease by 73 percent, to just $63 million, which is likely to further punish the stock price.

Wayfair bunny on furniture

Strange new retail creature Wayfair emerges from 200 domains

You may not have heard of it, but this year a company called Wayfair surpassed Crate & Barrel to become the No. 2 online retailer of home furnishings and housewares in the U.S., based on annual sales. Wayfair carries more than 4.5 million items from 5,000 brands, and it’s still growing.


Amazon makes a play for toys with YoYo.com

Amazon-owned Quidsi has already made a name for itself with specialized online markets for diapers, toiletries and pet supplies. The next market it’s tackling is toys with the launch of the aptly named site YoYo.com.

Q&A: Amazon’s Appstore for Android is selling lots of games

Amazon wants to sell anything physical or digital. Almost four months ago, the company opened its Amazon Appstore for Android to provide some competition in the Android mobile apps market. That venture has been a success, but so far it likely generated only a small part of the $1 billion in digital revenues that Amazon had in the last quarter — mostly due to the sales of electronic books for the Kindle.


Wag.com is the new Pets.com. No, really.

Everyone in Silicon Valley likes to throw around the old “that company is the new Pets.com” line. (It even appears on the cover of August’s Vanity Fair.) Now there really is one: Wag.com has gone live, 11 years after Pets.com went to the same place your pet goldfish went. (RIP, sock puppy mascot.)