Amazon reports Q3 earnings, misses Wall Street estimates big-time

Amazon today released its 3rd Quarter earnings, turning in a per-share performance of just 14 cents, missing Wall Street expectations of 25 cents per share by a wide margin. The ecommerce giant saw revenue decrease by 73 percent, to just $63 million, which is likely to further punish the stock price.

amazonlocal on kindle

Amazon throws Kindle into the daily deal fray

Daily deals are now popping up on the screensavers of the Kindle and Kindle 3G. announced today that, when they aren’t reading, Special Offers customers will receive deals directly on their Kindle screens from AmazonLocal.

Could Google make Web-based books free?

Books have long stood apart from the rest of the media world, run by an oddball clutch of publishers, distributors and retailers whose practices have little in common with other traditional media formats, let alone new media. But as books head into the cloud, driven by players like and Google, they stand to be transformed by advertising and social networks.