Amazon Mobile Ad Network is now available for iOS

Amazon announced on its developer blog today that high-quality display ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network can now be incorporated into iOS. Before, developers on the network were only able to host ads on Android or Fire OS devices, according to 9to5 Mac.

Cloud storage death

AWS Zocalo may signal the death of cloud storage as a market

When Amazon enters any market, its objective is to drive down prices and drive out the competition. That’s what it’s trying to do with Zocalo, its new file-sharing and collaboration solution.

Amazon's new and improved AWS mobile dev services.

Amazon courts mobile devs with a new suite of AWS services

Amazon Web Services today announced a new suite of mobile services for developers, because “the mobile-first revolution is absolutely here,” in Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels’ words.

Amazon Fire Phone - Firefly

What Amazon's Fire Phone means for the future of mobile retail

With the launch of Amazon Fire smartphone, the question everyone is asking is “Will consumers buy Amazon Fire?” But the real question should be “How will Amazon get their phones in the hands of consumers?”